Advantages and Disadvantages of Camera Cell Phones

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Published: 21st March 2011
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Camera mobile phones nowadays are unavoidable. Even if you haven’t bought your phone specifically for this function, the chances are that it will still have this feature, even if it’s at a basic level.

There are many uses for camera phones, which means it is handy that they are included in many devices, however, there are also some reasons why camera phones are a disadvantage.

Advantages of Camera Phones

The main idea behind camera phones seems to be that if you are caught without your camera, but are desperate to capture a memory, the camera phone can provide.

This is very true, as many of us don’t bring out camera with us every where we go, we would only bring it to special occasions. Our phones, on the other hand, we rarely leave at home, so having a camera in the phone can mean that we are never left short.

On top of this, camera phones make it exceptionally easy to then send the pictures to friends or family, no matter how far away. As well as this, pictures can be uploaded onto your own computer, just like with a digital camera.

Nowadays, camera phones are so advanced that the advantages are even more obvious – you can save yourself the expense of buying a camera and a phone, because you can get two in one for less. The cameras in phones are now so good, with red eye reduction, auto focus, and zoom, among other features, that digital cameras have been rendered almost redundant.

The cameras on most mobile phones often act as a camcorder as well, another reason why they are so popular and useful. Even if a lot of people have digital cameras, many people could not afford a camcorder as well. The opportunity to make short videos means many people can capture funny or moving memories that otherwise would have been lost.

Disadvantages to Mobile Camera Phones

Though there are many great benefits to owning a mobile camera phones, the devices have their downside as well. To begin, the better camera phones can be quite costly, because if you want the better resolution and added features, you have to pay for them.

Some networks also make it quite costly to send the pictures and videos you take, charging much more than the standard rate for a text message. This can make the sending feature of camera phones pointless as people are not willing to foot the bills.

Another downside to camera mobile phones is that if the camera sees any damage, such as the lens cracking after being dropped, then the whole phone has to be replaced. Unfortunately there is no way of restoring only the lens of the mobile camera phone.

Another problem that has received a lot of publicity recently has been the use of mobile camera phones for dubious purposes. Since their release onto the market, the phones have become used by some young people for ‘happy slapping’. This trend involved recording or taking a picture of beating someone up, and sending the picture around for people’s amusement.

Which camera phoneto go for does pose to be slightly tricky for you and hence you should research extensively before you buy one for yourself.

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